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Chester Weber and Cosequin© Continue to Drive to the Top of World Leader Boards Together

Lahden, Germany (June 26, 2015) - While Team Weber was making America proud with another top four-in-hand finish in Europe at the CAI3*-H4 World Cup Qualifier in Lahden, Germany, long-time partner in Team Weber’s drive to win- Cosequin© from Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. - was inking an agreement to continue as Official Marathon Carriage Sponsor for Chester Weber Combined Driving.

Throughout their 19-year history, Chester Weber and Cosequin have shared views from the top of leader boards at the world’s most prestigious CDEs, earned three World Equestrian Games Silver medals and 11 U.S. Equestrian Federation Four-in-Hand National Championships, and reached number one on the FEI world ranking for the sport.

Cosequin© has been part of the program for Team Weber’s equine athletes since 1996, and recently shared in his second consecutive victory at Royal Windsor and personal congratulations from HRH Queen Elizabeth. Weber’s most recent four-in-hand success was in the CAI3*-H4 World Cup Qualifier in Lahden, Germany on June 19-21, despite a large field of competitors and an exceptionally challenging marathon phase. 

“The marathon was the highlight,” Chester Weber said. The team took reserve overall in Lahden's final standings, including a strong second-place (37.22) in Dressage and third in Marathon.

“It was likely the longest, most difficult marathon of my career,” he added before praising his horses, including Uniek (aka, Nick), one of two 16.2-hand bay KWPN geldings provided to Team Weber by Jane Forbes Clark (the other being Splash). At Lahden, Nick competed for only the second time since Weber’s Silver medal triumph in Normandy at last year's World Equestrian Games. “He had a great show and was steady from the first through last step,” said Weber.

Weber is greatful to Cosequin for providing him with products that help his team achieve such placings. “Para is 18 now and has been on Cosequin since 2006, and continues to look strong and go well,” he commented about the KWPN teammate. The Team Weber regimen includes Welactin© Equine, an omega-3 supplement designed to support overall equine wellness, and Cosequin© ASU Plus.

“I am a firm believer in keeping my horses on a program that includes Cosequin's broad spectrum joint enhancer,” says Weber. “For teams to succeed at national and world levels, it’s necessary to have a sound and experienced group of athletes who show up for work eager to train. Keeping my horses on Cosequin means I can build a team with experience and, to gain experience, horses need to be ready to work every day.

“I recommend Cosequin to anyone interested in building great horses, because fit horses can perform, and the more they perform, the more experience they gain— it's essential to develop veteran partners. From the start, one of my older horses showed such obvious improvement that it made me a believer in the product. I have seen the radiographs on some of my older horses improve after being on Cosequin, which doesn’t usually happen.

“I believe in Cosequin,” Weber concludes. “There is no question in my mind that it makes a horse’s career last longer, and I'll continue to use Nutramax Laboratories’ products to keep my horses fit and healthy.”

The Cosequin logo will continue to emblazon the front of Team Weber's marathon carriage as their 2015 European tour continues next to Beekbergen, The Netherlands, for the CAI3* July 16-19. Weber will next head to Riesenbeck, Germany for the CAIO4* on July 30-August 2.

Cosequin formulas are designed to provide different levels of support depending upon a horse's overall joint health and/or level of activity. Learn more at www.cosequinequine.com

Follow Team Weber and the official Cosequin Marathon Carriage at www.chesterweber.com.


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